Fiction and Indian Novel

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Y.V.R. Prasanna Kumar
Research Scholar (M.Phil.), (Part-time), Department of English, S.V. University, Tirupathi. A. P.INDIA 517502 INTRODUCTION
A great deal of Indian writing in English is in the form of novel. In the course of an eventful history, Indian novel in English demonstrated the capacity and resilience for innovations and attained the status of Universal Form. The post-independence India has witnessed a Sea change of Indian fiction in English. The form of Indian novel in English has become more open, more playful, and more concerned. All the credit aptly goes to the gifted, stupendous, and extraordinary creative genius, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. He, indeed, took
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Mantagini, it should be said, is bold creation. She takes upon herself the most hazardous and perilous midnight adventure to save Madhav, her sister's husband, unleashing to him of the nefarious plot of robbery in which her own husband Rajmohan is involved. The girl who is so soft, timid, and gentle, turns heroic all of a sudden, but without the least touch of unnaturalness.
Her character typifies the rise of individualism and the liberation of the Indian women from the yoke of age-old submissiveness and self-annihilation. In this character we find an early statement about the helplessness and claustrophobia of women in incompatible marriages that was going to be a recurrent concern of Indian fiction for many years to come. Mantagini was only a forerunner of many more women characters of great, independent and revolutionary spirit to follow in the novels of his successors. The creation of a character like Mantagini in the first Indian Novel in English was certainly a good beginning for that class of writing to be followed in India. 3. PLOT He prefers to dramatise instead of just explaining the story monotonously. His presentation of the story is striking with the perfect balancing of the characters and plots. The episodes, that make-up the plot, have the oneness and furtherance of the play. Plot is the key of the craft, like a virtuoso he would deluge up construction for the illustration
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