Fictional Letter of Professor Richard Bucher Clarence from 1066

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Bayeux Tapestry Experience HUM 111 World Cultures I 27 May 2012 Professor Richard Bucher Clarence, Faithful Soldier to William, Duke of Normandy Pevensey, southern coast of England September 28, 1066 Cold and Rainy Dear Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins and Good Friar, We arrived on the southern coast of England a few minutes ago and I wanted to write you now since I don't know if or when I'll have time again. You may feed the sailor who delivers this letter to you and please treat him kindly for he is a friend of mine, but do not pay him for I have already done so. Although this was not my first time on a ship, it was the longest voyage I've suffered and I sincerely hope it is one of my last (except for my safe return home of course). Alas, our captain has ordered me and several other soldiers just now to ride ahead and search for food and firewood since were already desperately short of supplies when we departed and we lost much in the channel crossing so I'll put this aside and finish as soon as I can. Dear family, we just returned with food, wine and other supplies that we pillaged from the local countryside so I can take a few minutes to tell you what I have seen and done for the past few months while we await its preparation. Family, you wouldn't have believed it! All of the knights, troops, horses, weapons and supplies crammed into almost 700 ships. Thousands of people were yelling and pushing and trying to avoid falling overboard because few of us know

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