Fictional Story About Saving A Friend From a Division

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Removing the limiter and going back to her Division, Aoi was in a happy mood, but she was still worried about life back in the World of Living. "Aoi~!" A bubbly voice cried and Aoi stilled herself and prepared for the death hug- Rangiku Matsumoto wrapped her arms around the shorter girl, and Aoi wondered again how in the blaze does one have such huge breasts. "I missed you! Without you, taicho is giving all the work to me!!" Rangiku clutched the short the girl harder, and Aoi pat Rangiku's back. "Those are your work to begin with..." Rangiku released Aoi, and the two slowly walked back to the Tenth Division. "That doesn't changed the fact I have to do more work than normal." Aoi smiled, as the busty woman started talking about what happened while Aoi was in the World of Living. She honesty really missed Rangiku and her bubbly personality, and it was a shame she went by days without the woman's constant encouragement. "Taicho!! Aoi's back!" Rangiku shouted in joy as she slid open the door. Toshiro Hitsugaya lifted his head, a pen clutched in his hand as he grumbled out. "I know." Aoi's eyes crinkled into a smile. "A greeting would be nice Toshiro." "It's Captain Hitsugaya to you." Teal eyes met with one onyx eye and the teal visibly softened. "Welcome back Ito." Aoi slid on the couch, lips curling up. "Thanks." She paused. "And it's Aoi!" Rangiku shook her head. Had she not known that Aoi, Toshiro, and Momo were close friends, she would've mistaken their

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