Fidel Castro Led The Cuban Revolution

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Nearly fifty-five years ago, an embargo was placed on Cuba, halting all trade between the two countries. Fidel Castro led the Cuban Revolution, which began in July of 1953, leading to their victory and the previous leader, Fulgencio Batista, being driven out of his position. Castro had gained a lot of support from Cuban citizens with his promises to restore political and civil liberties. Castro later began to stray from these promises, starting by nationalizing American businesses within Cuba and by presenting anti-American actions. In 1960, he began talks with the Soviet Union and moved toward communism leading to America creating the embargo in 1961. The embargo was put mainly put in place to contain the spread of communism to other South American countries. The terms to lift the embargo included, the revocation of their communist ways and move toward democracy, and to improve the freedom of the individuals whom live on the island. These have both yet to have happened, yet fifty-four years later, the embargo is still firmly in place. Lifting the embargo can fix issues related to the Cuban people, it can bring countless trade opportunities, and it can push for positive changes in Cuba. Therefore, the United States should lift the embargo on Cuba. In light of the Cuban embargo, it is easy to see that it is hurting the citizens of Cuba. Cubans are denied access to things we, in the United States, couldn’t imagine living without. They don’t have access to modern technology,
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