Fidel Castro: The Clown of Cuba

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Current leader and dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, was born on August 13, 1926 in Biran Cuba. As a child, Fidel Castro had a good life because his father was very wealthy. His fathers name was Angel Castro. He was very wealthy because he owned plantations and lands. Additionally, he was originally from Spain but then moved to Cuba. Angel Castro married to Lina Gonzalez. Fidel Castro had one brother named Raul Castro. Fidel And Raul always had a special bond between their brother relationship therefore, this relationship carried on as they grew older. He spent his younger years on his father’s farms, along with spending a lot of his time in Catholic boarding schools. He always liked sports therefore he always played them at…show more content…
Batista decided that removing Castro could not do anything to help. Many Latin American countries quickly saw what Batista had done to the government of Cuba. America extended recognition on May 27

The Start of the Cuban Revolution
Batista’s actions made a lot of people angry but only one man was capable of putting a stop to it. Fidel Castro decided to fight against the government, because of Batista’ s sudden grip of power, This caused Cuba to have a civil war from December 2, 1953 to January 2, 1959. Castro had already tried to take Batista to court, however, he was rejected from the government. On a regular morning on July 26, 1953, Castro had decided to start his first attack. Fidel Castro selected the isolated Moncada barracks as his target. He had 138 men in his army; a fairly small amount. The attack lasted for a few hours. Nineteen soldiers were killed. A lot of the rebels were captured. The ones that had remained were shot down. Fidel Castro was captured along with his brother Raul. They escaped, but were yet to be captured again.
Castro and the rebels who had survived, were taken to a public trial.Castro,who was already an educated lawyer, made the whole trial based on Batista’s power grab. In the trial, Fidel Castro said that he had started the revolution because of his basic civil rights and that it was not right for Batista to seize power in Cuba. Fidel made very long speeches that just made the government want to quiet him

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