Fidel Castro, the Cuban people’s Leader Essay

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Fidel Castro, the Cuban people’s Leader Fidel Castro and the United States of America have a very tense relationship. The current president of Cuba has helped the less fortunate people of Cuba in many ways, but in doing created conflict between the wealthier Cubans who in turn have chosen to seek homes on US soil in Florida. Castro is a very powerful leader who speaks for the people, in general, of Cuba. Since the 1960’s when Castro took power US relations with Cuba have decreased and instead of indifference to each other, hostility has arisen main from the US towards Cuba. Fidel Alexander I Castrate Ruz was born August 13, 1926 in Birán. He attended Catholic schools before attending the University of Havana graduating with…show more content…
Economic antagonism from the United States caused Castro to nationalize all American property. The U.S. has tried various schemes to assassinate Fidel Castro and continues to economically isolate Cuba. The CIA tried to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs to remove him from power but the Cubans fought off the US. After the Bay of Pigs, Cuba because closely aligned with the Soviet Union. The Soviets provide Cuba with large amounts of sugar and supplies. They also assisted in supplying Cuba with economic and military aid. The money from the Soviet Union allowed Castro to create many of his social programs such as his war on illiteracy and free universal health care. Unfortunetly the alliance between Cuba and the USSR created even more friction between Cuba and the US. Castro has also successfully assisted foreign revolutions in Angola and Ethiopia. He was elected the head of Nonaligned Nations Movement and has remained a strong critic of US imperialism (Team 1). The destruction of the Soviet Union has left Cuba in a poor economic state and lost Castro his recognition as an international figure. Since the Cuban Missile Crisis, Castro has remained in power, outlasting seven American presidents. His guidance of the Cuban people has sought to improve education, housing, and health for all Cubans despite the struggles from a troubled economy. During Castro’s trial he represented himself because

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