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Organization & Leadership - Assignment Fidel Castro is one of the most recognizable leaders in world history. He led Cuba as Prime Minister and, subsequently, as President for almost fifty years. He was born and raised upper-middle class as his father was a very successful farmer and did quite well for himself and his family. There were several key events that led to Castro’s rise as a powerful leader and shaped him into the man who successfully led the Cuban revolution. First of all, although he benefited from a decent education and was exposed to the upper echelon of society at times, he also played with and grew up around the children of the migrant workers of the farm. He maintains that this conservative upbringing…show more content…
Fidel’s resilience and determination were unwavering. In the face of a horrible defeat, he pushed on, regrouped, and changed his tactics but never forgot to keep the end goal in view. Between December 31, 1958 and January 2, 1959, Castro’s group of eighty-two soldiers defeated Batista’s army and forced him into exile. Castro’s personal leadership philosophy was based on Marxism. He stated the following : “Marxism taught me what society was. I was like a blindfolded man in a forest, who doesn't even know where north or south is. If you don't eventually come to truly understand the history of the class struggle, or at least have a clear idea that society is divided between the rich and the poor, and that some people subjugate and exploit other people, you're lost in a forest, not knowing anything.” He truly believed that a revolution led by the working class was the only way to bring about true political change so he went about infiltrating the working class society and was exposed to Havana’s poorest neighbourhoods and racial and class discrimination that only fueled his fire in the pursuit of equality. As Prime Minister, Castro’s regime was highly popular amongst the working class and students. Batista’s regime had grown unpopular amongst the Cuban people and it was this discontent that allowed Castro to gain public support en masse and emerge as a revolutionary hero. He had an empathetic approach towards the downtrodden and

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