Field Career Report

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When graduation started to come around, deciding what I wanted to for the rest of my life still wasn’t clear to me. I was looking for that one perfect career where I could support myself and not have to depend on anyone else financially. After getting frustrated and feeling like I wasn’t going to find what I wanted to do, my dad talked to me about physical therapy and told me what benefits would come out at the end when I was done with school. He talked to me about one of his cousins who is currently employed and how great she is doing.
I looked into it deeper, read what physical therapists do, what their wages are, and most importantly how much schooling it would require. I then talked to someone personally and got a general overview of what she does specifically and physical therapy in general. After deciding this is what I wanted to do, I wanted these four things: a good income, flexible schedule, benefits, be financially independent and promotions. With the Field Career Report, I plan to have more knowledge about physical therapy and if it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.
Physical therapists are
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I interviewed a physical therapist in my hometown who has been working in this career for several years now. She gave me a great insight how physical therapy really works and all the small things you need to know for this career that wouldn’t necessarily need to have. First, the most interesting information she told me was when I asked her, where do you think the future of this occupation is going? Her answer was, physical therapists would soon be right hands to surgeons so the patient doesn’t have to keep going back to the doctor or the PT (Tronstad). Also, that PT will transition into becoming a PA, physician associate, who performs examinations or procedures, prescribe medication, get ahold of medical histories almost similar to what a physical therapist
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