Field Child Observation At Colorado Lagoon

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Field Child Observation at Colorado Lagoon
Generally, everyone knows that children go from being defenseless newborns that stay where they were placed to walking, talking machines in just about a year or two. And we do know that the physical, mental, and emotional growth of the little children are accomplishing at very moment based on the influence of their surrounding environment, and involvement of the parents with their children. Base on the experiences with my two and three years-old kids (Osana and Vitu), and some knowledge from the reading from child development text book, website, and field observation. On May 15th, 2015, I took Osana and Vitu to my niece birthday party at Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach, California. During the party, I have recorded a short video clip, and then make an observation on how they develop, grow, and interact with other children.
First of all, Osana and Vitu are one year apart; the born on the same day and the same month. Therefore, their high is slightly different, but not much. They both grow at an astonishing pace during the first 12 months. However, there are no two children who will be able to develop at the same rate. Each one sets their own schedule and pace. Some children may develop faster or slower than other children as their age progress. The range of normal behavior is so wide even doctors will have to allow up to a nine-month span for certain milestones before it is becoming a concern. For example, Osana learns how to walk as
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