Field Collector Revision Implementation Plan Essay

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BKFS Field Collector revision Implementation Plan
Note: This document contains confidential material, property of Black Knight Financial Services (BKFS). However, as an assignment and demonstration of concept, project details contain alterations, modifications, fabrications, and conjecture as a measure of maintaining contract confidentiality and non-disclosure. This project is conjecture, only loosely based on current known and unknown projects, work related to the Field Collector (FC) implementation, actual stakeholders, budgets, or quantifiable content (inserted per request by BKFS FC BCS (Name withheld) as arbitrated and agreed for use of this case study)
BKFS acquired LPS (Lender Processing Services) Field Collector (FC) implementation, assets, tools, and contracts in 1Q 2014. The LPS FC was a pilot program, implemented in 2011. The design intended to provide instantaneous real-estate abstractions through constant gathering of pertinent real-estate data throughout the United States, with this data available to lender clients.
The FC program sought to improve upon real-estate research abstractions, normally requiring two to 24 hours lead-time, and provide LPS with a market advantage over competitors using traditional abstraction techniques; whereas LPS could provide instantaneous research results without the research lag existent in traditional abstraction.
From the onset, the project contained insufficient funding and suffered from mismanagement. Training and

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