Field Education Experience Paper

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I chose Men’s Fellowship within the Church for my Field Education experience. This choice was the first goal during the first week of class. There are many areas of ministry to choose from; I selected Men’s Fellowship because it is critical to the growth and development of the overall body of Christ. One of the goals of Men’s Fellowship is to encourage men to dig deeper into their relationships with God, thereby empowering them to step into their roles as spiritual leaders. God’s order in the church and families has deteriorated. It is my prayer and mission to train up and teach men of God to take their places and to come from out of the shadow of women and to realize their identity in God.
I am observing Men’s Fellowship programs in other Churches and getting involved with them and serving their Men’s Fellowship and I pursue the goals to Initiate Men’s Fellowship within the Church. The needs of the men in the body of Christ are ever changing, in order to be effective I need to be knowledgeable on these needs and be able to speak to them through the word of God in a way that is relatable to them without compromising the Gospel. I have a passion for the souls of the men of God in the body of Christ and it is my goal to establish activities, group studies, and simple times of fellowship for the men of God to come together and grow
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While seeking to establish a date and time that would accommodate everyone’s work and life commitments the excuses for not being able to attend seem endless. Everyone has a reason for not being in place, I find this to be the greatest challenge to establishing anything for the Kingdom of God. God gives the vision to Visionaries, who in turn give to the people so the people can run with the vision. Many times the people are lagging behind, slothful in the things of God. I have experienced this challenge in
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