Field Experience Essay

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Field Experience Essay
I observed and analyzed the design and delivery of an instructional unit in a Montessori school setting. I observed a classroom of grades 1-3 two times from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. at the Kennebec Montessori school. I was asked to sit quietly and to not interact with the children so I could get a realistic view of the class day and the children would pursue their chosen work.
When I first entered the classroom the atmosphere was very inviting and comfortable unlike most classrooms I enter for my own classes. There was a large skylight in the center of the ceiling as well as several windows that let in natural light. There are also green plants in a couple corners of the room. Each student has their own cubbies to put
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I noticed that they have the same schedule as far as when lunch, recess, and circle times are. Other than lunch they also eat a snack. There is one provided for them, for instance animal crackers and a pudding cup or apple slices and a tbs. of peanut butter. They don’t all eat snack at once though, there are four available seats for snack and the students choose at what time they want to eat snack and have to be responsible and clean up their table when they are done.
There are three teachers in the classroom, one does reading/lesson circle with a small group of students, another does arts and crafts, and one of them circulates throughout the room helping students with their work-plans. The teacher that circulates around the room all the time appears to be the head teacher and when a conflict arises she is the one to mediate it. The way that the teachers speak with the children is as if they are equals, they aren’t talked down to and the students give the teachers complete respect.
All of the teachers are confident in the content they are teaching and always have an answer for the questions the children have. The kids seem to be absorbing the information being taught and get their work done in an appropriate time frame. The head teacher walks around and asks questions that seek out different levels of answering, ensure the students are on task with their work and
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