Field Hockey

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The only experience I had with basketball before 6th grade it's the seldom gym class knockout game. So when I decided to play basketball in 6th grade I was unsure. However, what motivated me to join its, I tried Field Hockey in the fall for the first time and I liked it. But I didn’t realize at the time in basketball it's everybody does offense. Everybody might need to shoot or do foul shouts. I naively thought I can just do defense as I naturally prefer.
And that’s when I started getting scared of shooting the ball, and I stopped calling for the ball. Mostly in fear of losing the ball or miss the shot completely. At first, I thought I was doing our team a favor by not messing up their game play. Furthermore, I am also afraid my teammates
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And to this day I still remember my teammate's congratulation of me doing the foul shot. Even though their happiness is probably more from not needing to do sprints, but it motivated me. From that point on, I started doing more and more during practice and games; I even started asking for the ball. I believe at that point I stopped letting my fear of failure controls me. Like a cycle, by trying more, I was able to do better during games; therefore I am more confident and tries even more than before. I started taking shots and even started to encourage. Not long, I was one scoring lots of point for my team. And was scoring the most points in a few game. Sometimes I am still afraid of failing, especially standing in front of the foul line, but I think to myself “ what it's the worst that that can happen?” I find this very effective as during a game I I made 4 out of the 6 foul shots, which I am very proud of.
By learning to control my fear of failure I was able to be more confidence and more part of the team. I learned: Sure people need fear sometimes in life to prevent people from making any hazardous mistakes, but sometimes we need to control and overcame them. And failure should never be feared but embraced in order to be
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