Field Hockey Practice At Phillips Exeter Academy

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As we are lining up for drills in field hockey practice, one of my coaches, Marissa, looks over at me and asks, “Who is that all the way across the field in those red tights?” (B+) I respond, “Of course it is Casey, who else has as much team spirit that they would wear those tights to practice?.” Casey is dressed in red, metallic tights underneath a white skirt with a vibrant, blue long sleeve t-shirt; our spirit dress at practice is “America” in order to get excited for our game tomorrow at Phillips Exeter Academy. Since Casey is about 100 yards away from me, on the other side of the field, I can only manage to make out her tights. I cannot help but smile when I look this enthusiastic outfit, even though all I can see is metallic tights…show more content…
Sarah Plumb and Marissa Gedman come over to tell us to go sit in a circle in the middle of the field, giving Casey and Maura space. Not wanting to leave Casey’s side, I reluctantly walk over to the middle of the field. As I am walking away, my legs feel heavy and unreliable while they wobble beneath me. Some of my teammates begin yelling to the trainers at the soccer field above to come quickly and that it is an emergency. Almost instantaneously, I hear the zooming of the trainer’s golf cart come rushing over. My legs keep walking away from Casey, even though it is not what I want them to do. I reach the circle of my teammates, and I slowly lower myself to the ground. I sit cross legged with a glare fixed on the ground in front of me; the forest green, artificial grass pokes through the densely packed, black, rubber pellets. I pull at pieces of this grass and fiddle with the rubber pellets, pushing them into my sweaty palm and seeing if they will leave indentations. I continue to do this as I see the coaches come over to update us, “Girls, we want to warn you that we will have to call an ambulance, but we are hoping it is just an allergic reaction that Casey is having.” My eyes start to well with tears of confusion and anger. I begin to fiercely pull the artificial grass apart to relieve my frustrations. My vision remains fixated on the turf, and I am lost in my own thoughts as I question the situation around me for some
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