Field Hockey Research Paper

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This fall , GHS athletes have engaged in a menagerie of sports including Girls’
Field Hockey, Girls’ Soccer, Girls’ Volleyball, Boys’ Football, Boys’ Golf, and Boys’ Soccer.

The GHS Field Hockey Team closed out the season with 2 wins, 11 losses, and 1 tie against East Hampton. This season’s varsity players were Jules Atkins, Allie Cardi, Toni Esposito, Madison Hilton, Ashley Payne, Madison Tabor, Isabelle Torres, Katie Tuthill, Brittney Walker, Andria Skrezec, Zoe Medina, Madeline Malinoskwi, and Nereida Toribio. Other key members of the team include its manager, Tashan Lawrence, and coach Rebecca Lillis . This season the field hockey team experienced a few injuries and some comebacks; however, the girls never ceased to amaze their fans
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and 1 tie. This team has a number of very talented, experienced girls including Brooke Averette, Raeann Berry, Hayley Brigham, Samantha Dunne, Jill Golden, Ashley Hillary, Marie Mullen, Emily Perry, Hannah Sutton, Grace Syron, Rosemary Volinski, Briann Suskevich, Katie Baumann, Rosie Mollica, Annie Lincoln, Lucie Showalter, Sabrina Basel, Olivia Daddona, Charlotte Allen, Emelys Villareal, Glenda Gomez, and coach Vaughn Locasio. A few players this season won titles, among them were Grace Syron who won All-County, Rosemary Volinski who won All-League, and Hayley Brigham who won All-Conference. This season the players were very young; the majority of the team was comprised of sophomores and freshman. This was quite the change from last year, when they had eight seniors. One of their proudest moments as a team was their win against Mattituck on Mattituck’s homecoming night!

This Girls’ Volleyball season, the team showed true talent and charisma. Mercedes Edwards, Paige Asimenios, Vivian Manopoulos, Rosa Hernandez, Sidney Mulvaney, Marina Deluca, Lupita Perez, and Emma McCabe were some of the players on this year’s team. The season ended with 4 wins and 7 losses.

The GHS Football team this season ended with a total of 3 wins and 5 losses. A few players included Keegan Syron, Jake Skrezec, Myles Williams, Tristin Ireland, and Dominic Panetta. This season was hard for the Porters, but they stayed
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