Field Of Athletic Training

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The field of Athletic Training is a never-ending learning experience. This career can be very time demanding and some may find themselves on their feet for majority of the workday. Always being on the move can be hard to gather new information, or new ways to benefit the skills acquired in this field. Athletic Training is a very broad field, which contains skills, methods, and research. Athletic Trainers (ATs) are health care providers for those who are injured. Most people recognize ATs as first responders in professional sports, collegiate sports, and high school sports. What some people may not know is that ATs collaborate with physicians to provide them with the primary diagnostic when the injury occurred. Other services that ATs provide…show more content…
The website can be accessed through the East Carolina University Database, membership, or Subscription. The website provides information for those who are interested in the field and for those who are interested in health care. For those that are in the field of Athletic Training and health care, it provides information on experimental research and updates on new scientific advancements. The website is intended for those who are interested in the field, those who are already in the field, health care providers, and those who are interested in joining the Journal of Athletic Training. As far as credibility goes the website is peer reviewed, and the manuscript acceptance rate is 45 percent. The journal has also made an impact in the world as the website stated “the Journal of Athletic Training achieved 15 million impressions in 2008, as noted Journal authors discussed their research in The New York Times, USA Today and other mainstream media outlets”, and the success continued into the following year 2009 “it was rated among the Top 5 Most Cost-Effective Journals in Eigenfactor’s sport sciences category and rating 21st out of 73 sport sciences publications”. With the on going success and publicity of the journal, it has been shown to be a valuable resource in the field of athletic…show more content…
Compared to the scholarly sources, this particular source lacks a lot of qualities of professionalism. Two of the characteristics it lacks are the professional web based structure and the format that the scholarly sources possess. This website contains blogs from postgraduate athletic trainers from Indiana State University. There multiple blogs on the page that varies in topics, one in particular is “Take the Time Back.” This blog talks about how athletic trainers get burnt out of their profession. They use scholarly sources to support there for example “According to a recent study form the Journal of Athletic Training the issue of work-life balance is driving people of the profession, slowly but surely.” And then continue to support their claim with personal opinion. The website does not state that is peer reviewed. Any one can access this website by searching athletic training blogs. It is also accessible via Twitter and Facebook. This website provides personal advice and knowledge to those who are interested in the field, in the field, or current
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