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The field of behavior analysis has been growing in acceptance as a successful form of treatment for behavior problems in recent years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the field of psychology, which includes behavior analysis, and demand for its services should increase in a few years (Florida Tech). Specifically, an 11% increase in employment in this area is estimated in this field in the coming years (
The field of behavior analysis looks at the relationship between learning and behavior; specifically, how environmental factors affect behavior. (The role of) A behavior analyst analyzes and collects data on a behavior in order to understand it, looks for ways to describe this behavior so it can be accurately observed
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Since behavior analysts work directly or one-on-one with patients, they need to have people, communication, leadership, listening, and many other interpersonal skills in order to form healthy and positive relationships with their patients. It is also important for behavior analysts to be adaptable because situations and people change constantly. Behavior analysts should also be able to pay attention to detail. Small details about a patient can have a huge impact on the treatment for a behavior. Behavior analysts should have strong writing skills and know how to write assessments (Learning Path). They should also have analytical skills: collecting, reading, understanding, and analyzing data to see whether the treatment is helping the patient and to track progress (Salary…show more content…
The most basic form of action is getting a bachelor’s degree in behavior analysis or psychology and then getting a BCaBA certification. This credential stands for Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst. BCaBA certification can be obtained through specific coursework, training, experience in a behavior analysis program at a college, and taking a 150-question exam. BCaBA certification does not require further education. BCaBA’s work under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. To obtain a BCBA certification, a master’s degree is needed, as well as taking the BACB exam. Getting a master’s degree and a BCBA certification allows for a greater salary and for more independence as a behavior analyst, working without supervision. Getting a PhD in psychology will help even further, increasing pay, and gaining experience in behavior analysis. Overall, behavior analysts do not need to seek education beyond a bachelor’s degree, but many companies do usually prefer at least a master’s degree and BCBA credentials (Behavior Analyst Certification
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