Field Of Photography Research Paper

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In the career field of photography, there are many different specialties. I am only talking about ten in this essay. Wedding, forensic, portrait, fashion, marine/underwater, wildlife, sports, food/culinary arts, medical, and infant photography. Most careers in photography don’t require college degrees, but it is probably better if you have one, and some experience too. There are also a lot of great colleges to attend if you want to major in photography.

Wedding photography captures memorable moments of couples on their wedding day. Photographers are responsible for composing appropriate photos that meet their clients expectations. They must be friendly and willing to work closely with their clients. College education isn’t required, but it
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Photographers have an artistic talent, and a sense of style. They work closely with models and fashion designers. They guide the models to pose in ways that will make the clothing stand out more. Some fashion photographers are employed with magazine publishers, fashion designers, or advertising agencies. Some are even self-employed. These type of photographers do travel quite a lot. A college degree or education isn’t really required. They need to at least have technical photographic skills and a unique, artistic overview. Fashion photographers usually make around $37,000 a…show more content…
Bowling Green State University offers scholarships that photography students can apply for. In Drexel University, photography students participate in six month co-op experiences in businesses. In New York University, photography students do their work in private studios and have weekly private studio time with faculty, critics, and industry professionals. Ohio University offers a program in commercial photography. In Syracuse University, photography students have a large range of study opportunities in locations outside of the
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