Field Of The Car Navigation

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Field of in-car navigation

The system performs the function that navigation performed. For example, turning at an intersection on figure 15, HUD indicates and presents the information of the way that driver should do. It appears to blend with the road itself. This makes driver easy keep his/her eyes on the road without look at the road sign or other director information on the road.

Fig. 15 Turing instruction by BMW HUD

Once the road information and director well provided for driver, driver could drive more easily and safety. The HUD applied by BMW is approximately 4 times larger than the normal current HUD used in other vehicles. As BMW group mentioned, in such contact analogue system information is already present in vehicle’s own traffic lane and they want to enlarged the screen that could includes neigbouring lanes in the future.

The navigation system calculates the optimal route based on digital road map information. If lane-level information is available, the route is further refines and he necessary lane control are computed and analyzed. GPS and vehicle sensor system detecting the current travelling lane and compare it to the multiple calculated lanes, and then choose the optimal route for driver. However, if driver not in the correct lane, system will computes a 3D model of the road situation ahead using the signals from the camera system, and superimposes the instructions congruently on the external scene…
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