Field Study 4

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Exploring the Curriculum

Course Description This course is intended to introduce the education pre-service students to effective curriculum design and assessment. The course topics include curriculum models, principles and approaches in designing, delivering and addressing the curriculum. It emphasizes familiarity with contemporary curriculum policies and framework and their relevance or planning, pedagogy and assessment at the classroom level. The course in curriculum development shall develop teachers who can adjust and be flexible in designing and implementing curricula in learning environments for different students in different context. It can also apply a wide range of teaching process skills (including
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2. How do the different educational philosophies relate to the curriculum in the schools you visited? Cite examples / situations? Educational philosophies are one of the major foundations of the curriculum and every teacher takes a philosophy or integrates philosophies and applies them into their teaching. To make it simple, Education is applied Educational Philosophies. When I observed the 1-4 class, I found examples that support the latter claim. During the time I observed Mrs. Cruz class, they were having a writing lesson. This is part of Essentialism were the 3r’s is being focused on.

3. Why is there a need to revise the curriculum from time to time? I believe that nothing is constant but change. If there is no revision then there is no more room for improvement to match the ever changing society. And of course to suit the needs of the learners from time to time. We should go on with the flow of life and we should revise it now because curriculum in the past is not very effective or suited in today’s education.

My Reflections/My Insights

I learned a lot from this episode because I was able to distinguish the difference and similarities of the traditional and progressive curriculum in detail. I also learned their importance and good combination. I believed that Educational Philosophies and Social foundations play a major role in the development of curriculum. Lastly, I was able to
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