Field Study 5

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Table of Contents Introduction of the Paper 2 The Field Study Student 3 Statement of the Purpose 4 Cooperating School 5 Momentous Experience and Insights Narrative 6 Entries and Evidences Letter 10 Schedules 11 Copy of Basic EducationinUBD Curriculum 12 Interview on Grade 7 Teachers 13 My Own Curriculum “Realistic Educational Curriculum” 18 Reflection on Observation 28 Articles about Field Study 4 Teaching Resources: Exploring the Curriculum 29 Let's Play! Using Play-Based Curriculum to Support Children's Learning Throughout 30 Domains Exploring Teacher’s Experiences in Implementation of Curriculum in China 38…show more content…
Momentous Experiences and Insights Tuesday morning I prepared myself knowing that this is the day of our first observation In Dagatan NHS. I rushed everything; I have to travel an hour just to reach our meeting place. In my surprise nobody not even one of them waits for me. I remembered that if they can’t wait for they can take the ride and leave me behind. Imagine the feeling that you are in a jeepney going to a place new and no one to talk. You can’t share the excitement because you are all by yourself. I texted my partner Jael, I ask her for the room that we will observe. She replied and told me to go for principal first, I was so nervous. Afraid of being punished because for the first day of our observation I was late. In my surprise everybody is so hospitable. They teach me and guide to the section that designated for us. At last I saw Jael sitting beside the teacher’s table. The feeling of excitement rush to my veins. As I enter the classroom and I introduced myself to the teacher and students I am so glad because they greet me as well “Good Morning Tr. Ednalyn, Mabuhay!” I can’t explain the feeling that I’m still a student but these pupils treat me as a teacher already. I think the first things I encountered made an impact on my observation. The first subject of the student is mathematics. I remembered my mathematics when I was second year as boring subject. But I was wrong. Mrs. Javier has well-modulated voice and
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