Field Trip Report on Religions

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Field Trip Report on The Calvary Chapel, a Christian Church
Prepared for: Professor Shaw
Prepared by: Julian Aguirre
DeVry University
Comparative Religions
Field Trip Report
February 15, 2013

To: Professor Shaw (DeVry University)
From: Julian Aguirre
Date: February 15, 2014
RE: Field Trip Report on Calvary Chapel, Ranch Cucamonga CA!
The objective of this report is to contrast and compare the culture of the Calvary Church with Catholicism, which is the religion that I practice. A field trip was taken to the Calvary Chapel in Rancho Cucamonga On February 12 of 2013, in which a clear observation of its services was
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A person has to really pay attention to the details to see the name. It is pretty hard to drive by and notice that there is a church on that street. In the Catholic Church that I attend, the name is pretty obvious. A person can tell that there is a church from quite a distance. In my opinion, the church did not lend itself to worship.

The nature of the worship facility consisted of communion and prayers of forgiveness and faith.
As mass originate, the reverend, who was named Jimmy Orate, and his wife discussed many life stories with the people. This stage of the worship service lasted a good fifteen to twenty minutes. The reverend’s wife spoke about an abortion that she went through before she found Christ. That abortion led to her guilt for many years. She had no kind of peace, and credits that to her past non-belief in God. She felt ashamed to speak about the abortion with people, but with the faith in God and Christ, she was finally able to confront her fear until finally speaking about the issue. She managed to ask for forgiveness and was finally able to deal with herself. The message associated with this anecdote was of repentance. In order to have peace and tranquility, a person has to repent from all of past and current sins.

The reverend also contributed adding the story from Psalm 3 of the Bible in which David fled from his own son “Absalom”. Psalm 3 reads like this:

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