Field Trip: Slogging Through The Everglades

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During the field trip, I participated in slogging through the Everglades. This was a very interesting activity because we were over waist deep in the cold water. The journey seemed long, however, it consisted of numerous turns, and we ended close to where we started. During the hike, we were surrounded by Sawgrass. Sawgrass has sharp edges so we were warned not to pull down on the plant. We had to push the plant up, out of the way instead of pulling it down. This was very helpful. At the end of the journey, we were covered in mud. After the hike, we had a working lunch. We completed a lab in which we were given a bucket that contained a small ecosystem. We had to pour out the bucket and then observe the small critters and plants that we collected. Overall, this was a very exciting part of the field trip. The next activity consisted of taking an airboat ride through the Everglades. During this activity, we collected water samples using different types of chemicals…show more content…
The KOE consists of the Kissimmee River, Lake Okeechobee, and the Everglades. For instance, learning about this firsthand, conducting experiments, and slogging through the Everglades was a much better way to learn about the KOE. The water in one location may be different from the water in another location. This was much easier to understand by actually being the Everglades. Also, this relates to the Magnet program in general because I was able to learn that the Everglades and what it encompasses is all connected. For example, I learned that, “We are all connected, so we are all affected.” This means that since the KOE is connected, whatever happens to the Kissimmee River will likely happen to the Everglades. This increased my knowledge and understanding of the idea that one thing will affect another thing. We must fix the problem at its source so it will not alter the things to
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