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Fields in Psychology | Definition | Abnormal Psychology | It is the study of abnormal behavior. It is actually a branch of psychology that deals with the study of abnormal behavioral patterns and their causes. | Psychology of Addiction | A complete dependence on a certain substance or drug is known as addiction. Both physiological and psychological factors can lead to addiction. The psychology of addiction analyzes these factors and attempts to find ways of controlling addiction. The study of this field of psychology is closely related to rehabilitation and community psychology, and is of help in counseling the addicts to start a new life. | Psychology of Advertising | Advertising is largely based on customer behavior. Marketing…show more content…
The causes of dreams, the different types of dreams and the significance of dream content have always been a subject of curiosity and interest. | Educational Psychology | It involves the study of the education system and the behavioral and social development resulting from it. The much-debated issue of heredity versus environment and how it influences an individual is dealt with, in this field of psychology. | Environmental Psychology | This field studies the interaction between human beings and their environment. The term environment encompasses one's social setting, as well as his natural and artificial environments. It focuses on analyzing how physical environments affect an individual's psychology. | Evolutionary Psychology | It involves the study of various psychological traits through an evolutionary perspective. It focuses on the study of how psychological traits might have evolved through adaptations in living beings. | Experimental Psychology | More than a field in psychology, experimental psychology is an approach taken in the study of different psychology fields. Experimental psychologists conduct experiments to understand perception and behavioral changes in individuals. They propose theories based on observations made through experiments in psychology. | Forensic Psychology | It is defined as the intersection between psychology and the criminal justice system. It is applied to the criminal justice

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