Fieldwork 1

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Mapúa Institute of Technology
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Name: Tutica, Empress Vanessa B. Student No. 2009123905
Group No. 7 Chief of Party: Tutica, Empress Vanessa B.
Date of Fieldwork: January 12, 2012 Date of Submission: January 19, 2012

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Engr. B.A Cervantes


This laboratory report is all about the individual’s pace factor. It will show how to determine an individual’s pace factor and an unknown distance of a course through pacing. A pace may be measured from heel to heel. On the succeeding pages, you will learn how to measure a distance of a course by using an individual’s pace
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Divide the difference between the taped distance and the paced distance by the taped distance and multiply the quotient by 100 to get the percentage of error.

QUESTIONS AND PROBLEMS: 1. Why is it important to know the individual’s pace factor?

It is important to know your pace factor, especially in the field of engineering and architecture when it comes to surveying field because you can use it if ever you don’t have an instrument that can be used in measuring a long distance of course or a line. An individual’s pace factor is the best alternative way in measuring a long or a huge course.

2. Name three most important pointers that an individual must remember to follow in order to make his/her approximation of the distance of an unknown course to be as accurate as possible.

The first thing that a surveyor must know is that he or she should be dedicated on what he or she is doing, they should concentrate well and stay focused in order for them to have a straight path. Another thing is that they should walk uniformly as possible. And the last thing that they must always keep in mind is that they should be patient because surveying without enough equipment is not that easy, it requires a lot of effort.

3. A student tries to measure the perimeter of a small park of his community by pacing around the area for three consecutive times. The no. of paces was tallied at 535, 543 and 539 respectively, for each trial. If the student’s pace factor is 0.74m/pace,
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