"Fiesta 1980” and “Daddy” Essay

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“Fiesta 1980” and “Daddy” Both poems are about memories of the relationship with their father. However, the experiences are very different. The children presented in “Fiesta 1980” by Junot Diaz and “Daddy” by Silvia Plath suffers an internal struggle because of their fathers. In “Fiesta 1980” there is a chance to improve the relationship where as in “Daddy” there is no hope because the father is dead. In “Fiesta 1980” we can tell the story is told in the first person by and adolescent Latino boy. The story is mainly about the struggles of an immigrant family as they wake up from a nightmare in Santo Domingo only to find themselves in another nightmare, except this time it’s in America. Yunior’s dad is abusive and is pretty much a…show more content…
When the father takes Yunior on short trips in the van, so Yunior can practice not vomiting, Yunior enjoys the time alone with his dad and feel loved. It is interesting how Junior only experiences carsickness in the lime green van his father drives. He notes that he “never had trouble with cars before that van was like my curse”. I can assume that since Junior first met his father’s mistress during a trip in the van, which leads me to believe that Yunior associates the vehicle with the crushing emotional distress of learning of his father’s infidelity. I feel the poem "Daddy" is a work of rage and powerlessness of her hate towards her father's death and then how she tried to control this rage by creating a new father in her husband. Her husband is seen in two metaphors, a Nazi and a vampire. The vampire "drank her blood", which shows his possessiveness over her. Which correlates once more to how her husband is a model of her father: they both confined her. The metaphor of Nazis brings an understanding of her personal pain and suppression. In my opinion of the two works the one that seem to deal with the theme in a more constructive, realistic, or positive way is “Fiesta 1980”. Parts of this story are funny, but mostly there is a sense of real tension between the mother and her sons. However later in the story even this relationship is a source of conflict as Yunior and Rafa must conceal their father’s indiscretions. I would argue that the brothers

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