"Fiesta" for Whom? by Junot Diaz

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“Fiesta” for Whom? Junot Diaz displays in his short story “Fiesta” how an abusive father can cause a family to disconnect from each other and their cultural values. Yunior, the narrator, explains how he and his family were immigrants from the Dominican Republic. The lived in New Jersey and were invited to a party in the Bronx in New York City. The father creates disconnection in the family because of his strong connection to his cultural values. His culture taught him to be patriarchal, promiscuous, and authoritative. These qualities, in excessive use, destroyed his family furthermore Yuniors childhood. In Junot Diaz's "Fiesta" the father created substantial fear in his children which resulted in extreme disconnection inside his entire…show more content…
Instead she pretends not to pay attention. His mother has so much disconnection with her son because of him. On this table were almost all the foods that Yunior enjoyed to eat. Right before he was about to get some of this delicious food, "Oh no you don't, and took the paper plate out of my hand" (Diaz 4076). The aunt asks why his son could not eat and his answer was "Because I said so". That was the end of the conversation. The man was to say what was to happen, no questions asked. Towards the end of the party Tia isolates Yunior and they have a private conversation. She asks him how his family is. Yunior undergoes a mental process that can only be created by a dysfunctional family. “Maybe it was family loyalty, maybe I just wanted to protect Mami, or I was afraid that Papi would find out. It could have been anything really" (Diaz 4077). His father’s strong connection towards his cultural values caused his son to doubt his personal perspective on good and bad. He compares family loyalty to the fear he had of his father. This makes him different from his father which could show why he is so different. His father shows no family loyalty by cheating on his wife and by showing his kids that there is nothing wrong with it. The kids are socially aware that this was wrong, but they still do nothing. They even confronted each about both of them knowing. They had a conversation in the basement arguing about why they hadn’t told each other. Who could bring up a conversation

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