Fifa Corruption Paper

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Corruption Scores a Hat Trick Against FIFA FIFA has been at the center of a great deal of corruption during the last couple of years. There are endless topics to discuss on the matter of corruption and FIFA, but I wanted to focus on three of the biggest charges of corruption against FIFA, bribery, mistreatment of female athletes, and the use of slave labor to build stadiums to host their games. FIFA has been around for over a century and was a very respectable organization at one time, but that time is now over. This affects international business because there are currently 209 countries within FIFA. FIFA has a far reaching impact because soccer is the most popular sport in the world. To better understand why and how FIFA became so…show more content…
dollars, and a net profit of 72 million dollars. FIFA has cash reserves of over 1.4 billion U.S. dollars. This is a great deal of money and is at the center of the links between FIFA and corruption, bribery and vote-rigging.
The FIFA Executive Committee consists of a President, elected by the Congress in the year following a FIFA World Cup, eight vice-presidents, fifteen members, appointed by the confederations and associations, and one female member elected by the Congress. It meets at least twice a year, with the mandate for each member lasting four years, and its role includes determining the dates, locations, and format of tournaments, appointing FIFA delegates to the IFAB, and electing and dismissing the General Secretary on the proposal of the FIFA President. Sepp Blatter is the current President of FIFA and has held that post since June 1998. He has stated that he will step down once a new president has been named, but that has not happened yet.
The total compensation for the management committee in 2014 was $88.6 million. Blatter, the only full-time person on the committee, earns two million Swiss francs, 1.2 million in salary and the rest in bonuses (Bloom, 2014). This does not include the amount of illegal bribes and kick-backs he has received.
Allegations of bribery, fraud and money laundering have been surrounding FIFA for decades. It was something that everyone knew existed, but nobody thought that anything
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