Fifa Women 's World Cup Essay

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Thirty million dollars, that’s what the German National Soccer team made last year for winning the World Cup. The World Cup is one of the most prestigious accomplishments in any sport. The players in the World Cup are some of the hardest working, highest paid athletes in the world. These players are paid tremendous amounts of money by their club, their country, and FIFA. However this is not the only World Cup, on a different four year rotation is the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The women in the World Cup are treated as inferior because of their gender in terms of payment, respect and also treated poorly by their own governing body. The FIFA Women’s World Cup started in 1991 as a twelve-team tournament. It has since expanded to a 24-team tournament that features tremendous athletic ability and intense competition. The United States has won the Women’s World Cup three times, more than any other country, and is currently recognized by FIFA as the best team in the world. The Federation International de Football Association, FIFA, or in English the International Federation of Association Football, is the governing body of soccer and soccer related games, such as futsal and beach soccer. FIFA is a non-profit organization with the responsibility of governing the game of soccer by making the laws of the game, overseeing club and national completion, and organizing championships. FIFA is also in charge of both the men and women’s world cups. For the men FIFA perform these duties

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