Fifth Business

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ESSAY OUTLINE With reference to fifth business, show that the author develops a central theme through a character who is unable to change his/her course of action Paragraph One Our childhood plays a significant role in defining the kind of person that we become and the type of life that we live. In “Fifth Business”, Robertson Davies displays how the main character, Dunstan Ramsay’s, childhood friends and family influence him to be incapable of changing the course of action of his life. By his senior years, Dunstan had undergone limited progression in his life as he experienced the resurfacing of his childhood persona, the haunting reminder of his family’s relationships in his own affairs, and the persistent burden of guilt…show more content…
Dempster, nobody else should do it. She was mine” (180) In addition to his commitment to Mary Dempster, Dunstan felt responsible for the premature birth of her son Paul Dempster, which led him to also care for Paul. “I was perfectly sure, you see, that the birth of Paul Dempster, so small, so feeble and troublesome, was my fault” (23) “In the hot craziness of my thinking, I began to believe that I was more responsible for the birth of Paul Dempster than were his parents” (23) “Being unofficial watchdog to the Dempster family was often a nuisance to me” (29) Paragraph 5 Our childhood traits reappear later in our adult lives, and the people we interact with during childhood mould us into the person that we become. As Dunstan grew old, he re-established the inner characteristics of his youth, revisited the possibility of becoming someone’s laddie, and dedicated his life to the wellbeing of childhood friend. Ultimately, Dunstan Ramsay had little freedom to change the course of his life due to the numerous influences of his childhood and
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