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William Carlos Williams ends In the American Grain’s final chapter on Abraham Lincoln with the end of a violent, contradictory nature and the establishment of an identity “it was the end of THAT period” (Williams 234) . America has matured past adolescence but contemporary society finds itself in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Young adult males live without purpose or meaning and struggle against a conditioned, preexisting identity defined by history. As Tyler Durden restrains the narrator in Fight Club and reflects on the history of violence in the foundations of contemporary America, he argues the necessity of violence to create identity, “everything up to now is a story, and everything after now is a story” (Palahniuk p.75). The …show more content…
Contemporary Americans would like to assume that Walter, the “warm little center that world crowded around” is constrained by painless thoughts of meatless, communal dinners or is truly concerned about the wealth fare of all human beings and the Earth’s depleting ozone (Palahniuk 55). The narrator argues that Walter longs for deconstruction, for violence and rebellion. Walter dreams of a masculine identity, characterized by self-destruction. Tyler Durden’s vision of a hyper-masculine, anarchic world is tempting to atypical, middle-age men because the vision promises a violent redefinition of what roles men should officially play. Young men of the late twentieth century found themselves lost in a void where many were, “too young to have fought in any wars” (Palahniuk 55). Young professionals are constantly chasing after the legends of a generation defined by war (World War II, Vietnam and Desert Storm). Modern US society in the late twentieth century has condemned violence, war and primal definitions of masculinity. Chuck Palahniuk places the narrator of Fight Club on a, “Sunday afternoon at Remaining Men Together in the basement of Trinity Episcopal” (Palahniuk 18). The castrated men gathered together are symbols of societal perfection and masculinity. Therapeutic Fight Clubs start as places for men to work on their gender issues. These issues and support groups ultimately lead to organizations that thrive on creating

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