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Fight Club "There is enough on earth for everybody's need, but not for everyone's greed.” Mahatma Gandhi This quote fits perfectly on me. Even though I have enough clothes to last an entire lifetime, yet I keep finding myself at the mall, buying things I simple do not need at all. And I am not the only one, millions of people is doing the same thing. It is because we need certain things: we desire different certain things. Now what is that problem called? Consumerism. Modern society is based on different things. But one of those things, consumerism, has been growing majorly over the past couple of decades, mainly in America. Americans consume exponentially more than any other country in the world and are the leaders in waste…show more content…
Fight club is a “cult” how was invented by the narrator and Tyler; “I want you to do me a favour; I want you to hit me as hard as you can “(book p.52). At first the narrator is withdrawn but Tyler explains about self-destruction. After the first few punch, they are aching for more, and want to see how long they can go. This is the start of fight club. They get a basement where they can fight, and the narrator and Tyler make the seven rules of fight club. The most important rule is that “…you don’t talk about fight club”. For the narrator the fight meant he could go back to his life, do the things that matter. Fight club is way for men to get of their daily lives, out of the consuming lifestyle. In fight club they can beat at each other without norms and normal society rules. These men were raised to hide their aggression. They are the so call generation X - they were raised by women, abandon of father figures. With fight club in the narrators’ life now, everything seems to for filed. The fight club is the most important thing in his life; it’s all he can think about. Fight club takes over his concerns about his appearance, his job, and the need to make himself more masculine. With Marla back in the picture, after her attempt suicide, Tyler pays less attention to the narrator and the narrator is also faced with some of his own problems again. Tylers main

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