Fight Club Analysis

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“Fight Club” is infused with a deeper meaning then what the title presents. The fight between money and consumer goods is a battle between the fists. Fight club makes us realise that we are immersed in a world of materialistic possessions which makes us less satisfied. These ideas that are presented by Fincher is what makes “Fight club” a dark yet enlightening film. It’s insanely genius, twisted and thrilling by David Fincher.
Edward Norton, the Narrator is an office worker at an automobile company who suffers from chronic insomnia. He is a consumerist slave who spends time filling his condominium apartment with unnecessary IKEA goods. He relieves his insomnia by attending frequent support groups such as testicular cancer and tuberculous to just name the few. Although the narrator doesn’t have any of these conditions, he sees the support groups as a way to expose his cancer; of feelings. This however is ruined when he meets a women called Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) who also starts attending these groups, who neither is a victim of any of these conditions. His life changes when he meet soap seller, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) on a plane coming back from a business trip. Tyler Durden seems to have it all: he is attractive, successful and a fearless leader, everything the narrator aspires to be. The two men together create an underground fight club where men join to escape their mundane lives by living on the edge.
Although the film comes across as a violent, brutal,

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