Fight Club By Chuck Palahniuk

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Those of Generation X found themselves born into a unique situation that generations before had not. They were born into a society fueled by rampant consumption of material goods, accelerated by the constant advertising of corporations. Many of Generation X found themselves drawn to the idea of rejecting this culture of consumption and the practice of identifying themselves through what they buy. Instead they look to find themselves in different, sometimes violent ways. In Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, the unnamed narrator begins as someone living the perfect consumer life, letting his Ikea furniture define him as an individual. As the novel progresses however he develops an alternate persona of Tyler Durden who rejects the consumer culture, like many of Generation X. They are outright disgusted with the society they were born into and as a result reject the blatant love for material goods and the idea of one’s worth or identity being defined by what goods they have accumulated and instead seek a new way to self identify and find happiness but find more problems along the way. In the beginning of the novel Fight Club, our narrator had been pursuing the life style that marketing had told him to his entire life. He had it all, but he devoted all of his time and energy and youth to do it. “It took my whole life to buy this stuff.” (Palahniuk, 20). An entire young adult life was devoted to the acquisition of material goods and still he feels uncontent, he does not really…

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