Fight Club By David Fincher

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His mind was cuffed onto the desperation of consumerism. A man in David Fincher 's film, Fight Club, has fallen into the world of materials and perfection. As he became a slave of common franchises around him, the narrator strived to get it all. However, no matter how many things he bought, never had he achieved the definition of satisfaction. People rely on profit and possessions to be happy, but does it really help? Fight Club carries philosophical messages about money and materialism to the capitalist society in order to wake up and realize that those objects are not the key to happiness. Once the narrator bought one item from the IKEA catalog, he bought others to match his perfect modern condo life, causing him to "become a slave to the IKEA nesting instinct" (Fight Club). Unfortunately, even if the nameless narrator had it all, he could not sleep. He had insomnia. Insomnia is caused by either depression or anxiety, and the narrator had the stress to have everything in order to feel complete. His life 's worth was defined by his items and the job he hates. Because of this, the narrator is not in control of his life and has a fleeting sense of self-worth. After a flight from a business trip, the narrator goes back home, which was a condo on the 15th floor. However, the scene showed that the condo was blown up with blazing fire blowing out of the broken windows. His face drooped with the weight of hopelessness. Then, he meets up with a guy at the bar which he met on a

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