Fight Club By Edward Norton

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The film “Fight Club” is about a man played by Edward Norton who lives a miserable and mundane normal life. His work is unfulfilling and his boss does nothing but aggravate him. In short, he is depressed, unfulfilled, and tired of his boring and annoying life. One day, he comes across a man named Tyler Durden who is played by Brad Pitt. Durden spends his time making soap and also slipping little snippets of pornographic material into movie films for his own entertainment. Together, these two form what they affectionately call “Fight Club.” Fight Club is an underground men 's group full of men just like our narrator. They 're tired of their boring and depressing lives. So, they all meet up every week and just, as the name insinuates, fight. They fight in pairs until one man gives up or is unable to continue. Before our narrator knows it, “Fight Clubs” are popping up all over America. It becomes an entire network of people around the country who use this as their tool to escape a mundane reality. This is when Durden stops seeming so friendly. Durden orchestrates this project, called Project “Mayhem”, and enlists several of the most devoted members from around the country. While this project operates, our narrator played by Norton simply watches from the outside having no real understanding of what 's going on. Durden is running this diabolical plan to take down consumerism, a practice he loathes, he 's sleeping with the female protagonist Marla

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