Fight Club : Masculinity And Psychological

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Jennifer Ordonez Professor Altenbernd English 100 May 13, 2015 Fight Club: Masculinity and Psychological In the novel Fight Club the narrator uses Tyler Durden to get away from his problems and shy away from taking any responsibility for his actions. In addition, he frequently uses Tyler Durden and Fight Club as a way of escaping reality. He 's a mold of the average male. There 's nothing remarkable about him, his job, or his habits. He attends meetings for terminal diseases because he wants to feel that there is something special about him. At the same time, he uses fake names to assure that he cannot be held accountable for his actions and so that he can blend back into his safe zone once the meetings end. The narrator is diagnosed with insomnia and starts attending these group meetings which helped him to see things in a better light. As he attended these meetings, he felt better because he was able to sleep. It is here that he meets Marla and for the first time in his life there is someone who has the ability to recognize him, as well as someone who feels the same way about their life. On one hand, he needs Marla to know his pain, but he hates her for taking away something that made him special, while jeopardizing his own removal from the situation. As a result, because of his insomnia the narrator goes through a dissociative identity disorder where the Narrator then feels that Tyler Durden had taken over his social life, work life and the relationship he had

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