Fight For The Last Slice

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Nowadays, as human activities have increasingly negative effects on the environment and critical resources, the ideology of being environment-friendly is widely advertised around the world. As a result, producers try to advance green capitalism to urge consumers to purchase their ostensibly environment-friendly products to help the environment. This article examines how the following image "Fight For the Last Slice" is related to green capitalism and how the producers greenwash their non-eco part.
Firstly, there is some brief analysis of this image. This is a print ad of a Spanish pizza restaurant, Pizza & Love. From the large white bold "FIGHT FOR THE LAST SLICE", that this advertisement is more focus on an economical lifestyle, which is what the restaurant wants to introduce to their consumers. The round pizza can be seen as the world, and the green cauliflowers on that veggie pizza represent the forest resources. The last slice of veggie pizza represents a serious environment situation in the world, which raise the consumers ' awareness of environment protection. The words in the bottom left corner below the red logo "We make pizza not global warming" and "100% recycled boxes" try to show that Pizza & Love is an eco-friendly restaurant, and is really focus on the environment situation.
However, this is just a greenwashing of this pizza restaurant. Greenwashing is considered as "the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the
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