Fight On Immigration

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The Fight on Immigration Many people think immigration in the United States should be allowed for many reasons, but the others say that they are criminals. Immigration strengthens a country because business thrive, economy rises, and immigrants commit less crime. There's approximately 11 million undocumented immigrant workers in the US, about 70 percent work in the food industry. Many people say “There's a high percentage of immigrant workers and if they were all deported the company they worked for will not thrive.” said by Pickel, Mary Lou, Matt Kempner (pp. 28 - 34) meaning there would no longer be chefs in restaurants, and no fruits or vegetables freshly picked to sell at a farmers market. Many business rely on immigrant workers “And one thick thread ties them all together: reliance on immigrant workers...Many businesses people say cutting Georgia’s immigrant work force...would be costly for companies and consumers.” Pickel, Mary Lou, Matt Kempner (pp. 28-34). It is important to know how badly we need immigrants to work for us. Immigrants are the hardest working kind of people they strive to success and work hard to earn there money. “The immigrants are hardworking people, they do the jobs no one else would do, harvesting crops, construction, landscaping, and more of the hard labor jobs” Pickel, Mary Lou,…show more content…
“Undocumented workers don't get any benefits from their workplace and the government won't give the any social services even though they gave $7 billion in taxes for their rights.” Jackson, Derrick Z. (pp. 13-17)Many immigrants that go to the US don't have any money, because where they came from there was probably poverty and hunger. Undocumented workers should be able to have benefits to their job since they're not citizens thats a good reason to give them benefits if they want to stay in the country and get their
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