Fight Or Flight. In The Comic, The Private Eye By Brian

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Fight or Flight In the comic, The Private Eye by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin, and Muntsa Vicente, a private investigator navigates through a world where a cloud of information bursts. The people become scared since all personal and private information is out in the open, therefore there are no secrets. Behaving just like humans do, they either fight the threat or create a bridge to go completely around it. Since the people could no longer hide information, they decided to hide faces with masks and live without advanced technology. The new plans to create privacy have unearth the true meaning of human nature. The masks can have a double meaning. First, it is a representation of past failed mistakes and how the people are moving on to…show more content…
16). Each person could have multiple masks, meaning they could be a new person everyday. It is impossible to track someone. Although, the people have succeeded in finding a way to create privacy, they have introduced a world where each person is invisible. The determination to create privacy went too far, causing transparency. Although, everyone wanders among each other, they are a ghostly representation that supposedly are people. Since this is a world where people can only see masks, this gets rid of the human face connection. Humans are starting to become separated and antisocial, The original threat has grown and forced people to hide themselves to the point where they are basically non existent. With the introduction of masks, the people have an increased distrust in one another. This could be due to the constant fear, and the obligation to hide one’s face. Furthermore, during the first social interaction between the Private Investigator and a client, the Private Investigator asked, “That your real skin?” (Vaughan, et al. 20). The immediate distrust that two strangers have in each other resembles animals. When an animal has an interaction with an unknown species, the first reaction is to be defensive. The two characters are testing each other to see who will attack first. Instead of having slight trust in each other,
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