`` Fight Song `` By Rachel Platten

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Everyone has one or two songs that really speak to them. A song that gives them hope, or impacts them in a good or bad way. Personally, I have an abundance of songs that have impacted me. I am always turning to music, whether I am in a good mood, bad mood, or I just want to dance. Music is a way for people to express their ideas, emotions, and beliefs. Rachel Platten conveys these feelings and emotions in all of her songs, including “Fight Song”. Rachel was born on May 20, 1981 in New York City, but grew up in Massachusetts. Platten began her musical career on the classical piano at the age of five. She expanded her musical abilities in high school by singing and playing guitar. In college, Rachel continued singing by joining an all-female a cappella group. While in college, Rachel also participated in a study abroad program to Trinidad for an internship in a diplomat’s office and at a record label. During this trip, she sang backup for a band at the International Soca Monarch finals in 2002. This was the moment Rachel knew she wanted to pursue music full-time.
Rachel soon graduated from Trinity College with a degree in international relations. Later she joined a cover band called Dayz of Wild. Rachel began performing solo gigs and eventually began touring the country. Now with four albums, and almost 30 songs, Rachel has become well-known in her career.
“Fight Song” was released as a single by Columbia Records on February 19, 2015. The song also appears on her studio
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