Fight The Stigma Of Mental Health

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As a result of the backlash retrieved by activist campaigners, CAMHS launched a local campaign in 2015 to “fight the stigma of mental conditions in young people” (Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, 2015). The campaign used the message ‘fresh’ to project the campaigns aims to “help change the way specialist mental health treatment is delivered” (Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, 2015) in a bid to improve the ‘outdated’ term given to CAMHS from activist campaigners. With regards to working with young people, the campaign was launched at an event in Liverpool where the NHS partners of CAMHS offered their clinicians, to support individuals with advice and knowledge on the symptoms of depression and mental health. The campaign used a different approach to the activist campaign in a way to communicate the behaviour with regards to depression and psychological therapies. By using a local campaign created by a group of young patients “aged between 14 and 17” (Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, 2015) the campaign made use of real CAMHS patients to promote change in other people’s attitudes towards mental health conditions. By creating a fitting ‘how you feelin’ strapline amidst the dedicated proposal of the intervention; ‘helping young minds find a better place,’ the campaign suggests that they may have used Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behaviour in order to guide the structure of their work. (Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, 2015) The use of the strapline and the proposal does not immediately

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