Fight for your life More times than not people take their life for granted and never think

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Fight for your life More times than not people take their life for granted and never think twice about it. Life changes right before you, often times you don't get a warning sign or a flashing caution lights, screaming” watch out.” Sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent life from hitting you like a five ton semi truck. You find your true strength only when being strong is the only choice you have. Waking up to half of your hair, now laying on your pillow, no longer attached to you. Struggling to pull your weak, fragile self out of bed, you must run to the bathroom because you are nauseated, yet you have no strength to actually get yourself there. Excruciating pain , uncomfortable…show more content…
Instead I am fighting to maintain my weight, stay awake , eating not necessarily because the food is good , but hurling up food is much better than the awful taste of stomach acid. hearing second hand about my children's day , sports events and all the wonderful things they got to do , instead of being there to enjoy it with them. As I began to lose my hair , I knew I would soon be bald, my children supported me as much as a fragile scared child could . As my time came to be completely bald , my children shaved their heads so that mommy wouldn't be the only one without hair. Cancer didn't only affect me , it also affected my loved ones. My children having to get ready for school , eat dinner, prepare for bed, and several other things without mommy because I was too weak and sick to get out of bed. My husband having to take care of the children and me while working full time. It's takes a toll on everyone not just the cancer patient. I remember my children running into my room before bed with a bed time story, but I was too fatigued to even read the entire story to them. They were not quite old enough to fully understand what cancer was, but they knew I was sick and very weak. It was hard for them to have friends come over, not because they were ashamed , but they had to explain why their mother looked like a lifeless zombie. While other people are praying to win the lottery,
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