Fighting For Equality In The Workplace Essay

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Women have faced great difficulty in the past to gain equal rights as men in the workplace. Currently, in the twenty-first century may seem that women have made substantial leeway in obtaining the equal rights and treatment in the workplace as men. Women still face inequalities that are barriers preventing them from advancing in their careers. Gender inequality is not the only barrier in the workplace. Race, social class and perceived gender roles are barriers as well. Inequality in the workplace has negatively affected women to advancing in their careers. The purpose of this paper is critically analyzing the factors that have negatively affected women in their ability to achieve higher positions and salaries in the workplace. This paper…show more content…
338). It is expected that jobs which are low-paying will result less respect. The norms of society expect that those in less skilled jobs are the result of the persons fault. As those in low wage jobs do not require highly valued skills. Society expectations have influenced women in low wage jobs to accept that they cannot advance in their career. So working class women may feel they have to stay in low paying jobs. In result, working class women may not achieve their full potential. Women in lower status occupations will not be able to advance in their position if they have difficulties maintaining a steady job. As higher class women will have more competition in order to move up the career ladder. There is a difference in cases reported by African Americans and Caucasian women. Ortiz and Roscigo (2009) found that African American women reported race discrimination more than Caucasian women in the workplace. Along with Caucasian women reported sex discrimination more than African American women in the workplace. This indicates African American women are affected in the workplace by the colour of their skin than their gender. African American women are discriminated by their race from employers through stereotypical beliefs in hiring and promotions. Therefore, African American women are judged during the hiring process and may not even have the opportunity to start a career. A larger

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