Fighting The War On Drugs

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The United States has been fighting with drugs for decades, in 1973 President Nixon created the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to “declare” the war on drugs, announcing the world that the United States is planning to fight drug addiction. Since then, the U.S. government has spent 51 billion dollars annually fighting the war on drugs but with negligent results. For a war without a clear enemy, it seems impossible to win. In the TV series The Wire, the city Western Baltimore are also facing drug abuse, and the Police Department is fighting the war on drugs by arresting street level drug dealers. Without any reliable plans and with the pressure from his supervisor, Major Colvin, a man tried hard to make his community better, created Hamsterdam,…show more content…
According to the article “A Brief History of the War on Drugs” the United States is “the biggest consumer of drugs in the world” and the biggest supplier of drugs to the United States is Mexico (Suddath). This means that the inseparable relationship between the United States’ demand on drugs and the drug supply from Mexico, are the biggest problem the government need to solve in order to win the war on drugs. In the article “Winning the war on drugs One Life at a Time”, Willie Mitchell, a former professional football player and now an expert in building community anti-drug programs, commends on the problems of demand on drugs in the United States that “ ‘ if you don't have the demand, the supply is no good,’ he says, adding, ‘If the demand is going to be there, the drug is still going to get here, because there's money generated. That's the whole key’” (Burnett). This means that to solve drug abuse, the most effective way is to decrease the demand on drug usage in the United States. In The Wire, the scene where the Mayor held a conferences with the advisors, the public health administrator also said that “we’ve even talking some of these people into drug treatment” (The Wire, part 3). This shows that, through Hamsterdam, public health worker get the opportunities to talk to the drug users, convincing them into drug treatment. As the result, the government get a way to decrease the demand on drug use, and further has the potential to win the war on
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