Fighting the Legal System on Assisted Death

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Tony Nicholson, a man who suffered from locked-in syndrome was rejected by the High Court of Justice after a battle for a right to assisted death. This intrigued me and made me think about how important the legal system is, governing fundamental issues such as freedom of choice, and how being involved in debates like this would allow me to have an effect on people's lives. Reading 'What About Law?' by Barnard, Virgo and Sullivan has given me insight into the seven essential areas of the law, laying a foundation for an informed choice when specialising in law later on. Also, online news sites such as 'The Lawyer' and subscribing to the 'NewLaw Journal,' update me of current legal affairs. Furthermore, attending a 'Brain Day' workshop reinforced my keen interest in certain aspects of human behaviour and the mind. A section of the seminar was focused on mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia and how human rights have evolved over time. The complex nature of mental illness inspired me further to conduct preliminary research into the different aspects of the law and how factors such as mental disorder are considered. Building on this interest, I took part in the National Bar Mock Trial competition which gave me a valuable insight into the important roles of assessing a criminal case in court. This led me to undertake work experience in a solicitor's firm, where I shadowed a criminal lawyer. I observed client consultations, and had an attempt to draft legal documents and
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