Fighting the War on Terrorism Essay

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It has been said that the easiest way to discredit someone in the political field is to accuse them of possessing "Machiavellian morals." Until recently, today's political arena has been consumed by such illusive and controversial topics as human rights and the environment. Thus, it is easy to see why being referred to as a disciple of the austere Machiavellian principle could result in the untimely death of a political career. However, as of September 11th, the times have changed and so should the mindset with which politicians approach such elusive topics.

This tragedy was not, however, suffered in vain. Underneath this enveloping shroud of sadness, there were a few blessings in disguise. Outwardly, the nation acquired a
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The logical, scientific, methodology behind his theories allows for concise, clear-cut approaches in management of state affairs. His infamous book on statecraft entitled, "The Prince", is the embodiment of Machiavellianism. This philosophy is centered on two main tenets. Primarily, that political order is equivocal but entirely separate from any other known 'good' including morality. "Politics has and should have it own rules and should not accept of any kind from any source where the object is not to win or to prevail" (Machiavelli,vii). In other words, "It must find its inner laws, and free itself from methodological dependence on theology, metaphysics, and moral philosophy" (Parel, 5). All extemporaneous theories and ideals not associated specifically with the perfection of political application must be removed from the equation. The state must play 'God' in order to secure the desired outcome.

Secondly, Machiavelli asserts that "One successfully governs by force and not by law" (Machiavelli). This is not to say that prudency should not also be simultaneously practiced. However, given the anarchical nature of the international system, conventions and resolutions do not carry much, if any, weight. Without an authority to enforce such legislation, it is ultimately up to individual states to redress the injustices committed against them. Thus, it is ultimately the responsibility of United States to avenge the inconceivable attacks of

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