Fights-Personal Narrative

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Ted Espinosa III “I wonder if I’m going to get expelled,” I thought to myself while I was in school last year. Over the years, we have great years of school, others maybe be even more difficult and harsh everyday. Because I got into a lot of fights, teachers didn’t care or put their foot down on kids, and not really having many friends, last year (7th grade) was my most unsuccessful year. To begin, I got into many fights. Imagine people coming up to you and telling you what some punk is saying about you. Next thing you know, they are telling you to fight this kid.What would you do? Well this what eventually came to me in class one day. So this kid named Zeke wanted to fight me, so he grabbed my legs and picked me up and slammed me on the ground. I got up and the fight started but shortly after the teacher stepped in and called the office. We both lied to get out of trouble but eventually things went too far and the real fight happened and he had his friends gang up on me. I wasn’t very pleasant about the whole thing so I would always go after him and his friends and beat them up. Eventually we was told on and I had to leave schools and go to a…show more content…
People never really messed with me, but there was a LOT of bullying at that school. Better yet, the teachers didn’t care and they all clearly knew the issues in the school. All the fights and bullying and drugs involved in that school was atrocious. I kept to myself mostly but once I saw kids just leaving the classroom and the teacher watching them and calling the office then the office not doing anything, I decided to join them and leave the classroom as well. This clearly wasn’t the correct path to go down but I couldn’t stand being in that school and eventually I got my mom to call the district so I could get out of there. I was at that school for only four months before I left the last month of school. I couldn’t thank my mom
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