Figurative Language In Brave New World

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What is a world with actual stability and perfection? In Brave New World, the author, Aldous Huxley, refers to many political and social issues of the 1930’s by using an alternate vision of the world in order to achieve the theme of conformity within a divided society. Huxley does this by using a variety of shocking and unusual details and figurative language throughout the book. These literary elements help to reveal that Huxley views the social and political aspects of life in the 1930’s as deeply corrupted with topics that can be seen as issues within both the book’s society and his own including moral and cultural decay, drug dependency, alienation, and a totalitarian government. The continuous acceptance and appropriation of sex is evidence of moral decay in both the book and the 1930’s. This type of moral decay can be seen in specific details in chapter two when those who “teach” future generations said, “ We had elementary Sex for the first forty minutes” ( page 27). This quote shows sex and sexual actions as open and public similar to the growth in women and men having sex before marriage or a complete understanding of sex leading to a rise in teenage parents and children in the foster care system in the 1930’s. This lack of concern of the morals against sex during Huxley’s time was perhaps a result of the people’s efforts to block out the responsibilities and devastation left behind by the Depression. The way Huxley causes the character to have a tone so blunt and normal allows the reader to see the Davis 2 abnormality of what is really being said and suggested about life in the 1930’s when sex was supposed to be considered sacred. Just like life in the 1930’s, there are individuals in the book who choose to go against the path that so many people begin to follow in order to fit in. This choice to go against the norm has developed the topic of alienation throughout the 1930’s and the book. The significant characters named John “Savage” and Bernard Marx have made this decision by preferring the views of the past instead of that of their modern society. The character John even plainly states “ If one’s different, one’s bound to be lonely. They’re beastly to one.”(page 137) to even further support that
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