Figurative Language In The Great Gatsby Essay

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F Scott Fitzgerald used a powerful choice of words for his book "The Great Gatsby."
In chapter 2, he uses the phrase "the valley of the ashes" that shows Nick's poverty in his adventures compared to the western egg.
The writer uses diction to develop the character of Tom Buchanan. The word "decisively" in his communication with the elder shows his authoritarian personality and shows that he considers himself superior to others.
In chapter 5, the writer uses phrases such as "on fire" and "fiery" to represent Gatsby's great house.
The word "shadow" shows a situation of discomfort between Gatsby and Daisy.
Words like "unhappy" and "tense" show Gatsby's dislike for the way things went between him and Daisy.
When Gatsby has the opportunity to meet his love
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The great Gatsby is called an American classic because of its use of figurative language and adjectives that enrich the romantic feel and the theme of the story.
To enrich the writing style of the story, Fitzgerald has used extensive vocabularies and adjectives through the use of words such as "arrogant assumption", "stroller", "contiguous" and "reckless".
The writer has also used sophisticated adverbs such as "vaguely", "miserably", "hollowly", "tragically".
The writer also used flashbacks when he remembered Gatsby's past, his previous lifestyle and his previous name. There is also a flashback from Jordan Baker about how he meets Gatsby and his initial meetings with him and his knowledge of Gatsby's love for Daisy.
Fitzgerald has also used frequent prefiguration elements to enrich the plot of his story. "Gatsby believed in the green light." This presages that Gatsby believes he can get his love after five years. Other harbingers in this story are the remains of the car after Gatsby's party in chapter 3, Owl Eye's comments about Gatsby's life and the mysterious calls received by Gatsby from Chicago and Philadelphia.
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